INVESTORS BEWARE ( Author - Shri Virendra Jain , Publisher - Macmillan India. )

-- How small investors lost-out in the spiral of booms and bust --

"The book is unputdownable. As the reader goes through the pages, he realizes how authorities entrusted with safeguarding the interests of the small investors on the one hand and ensuring transparency in the system and fair play on the other have failed repeatedly. Hence the clarion call of this book aptly named Investors Beware a caveat emptor for all investors in the capital market."

From the Foreword by Shri N. Vittal,
Central Vigilance Commissioner

Small investors have been defrauded in a planned manner by various agencies, both private and government. Financial institutions, banks, merchant bankers, other intermediaries, stock exchanges and the regulators of financial markets were all, overtly or covertly, a part of it. Peoples representatives weather in government or in opposition, have done nothing concrete, notwithstanding their publicly expressed concern about the ordinary investor and the country.

Enter Investors Beware the book which brings the whole sordid affair of how companies which made tall claims and false promises vanished into thin air leaving the investor cheated and bankrupt.

It focuses on the dilemma faced by helpless investors who didnt know who turn to when the companies came out for public issues with fudged statistics. Or when the banks and financial institutions gave massive loans in a cavalier fashion. Loans which quickly turned bad.

The authors clinical analysis, his steadfastness to wellresearched facts and above all, his proactive action provide the investors with a weapon with which to fight the system.

A must read for not only the whole capital market community but also for the vast sea of small investors who would now know how they have been cheated.




1. Introduction
2. Evolution of the Indian Stock Market
3. The Liberalised Scenario
4. The Rules of Game
5. Fudging Cost and Income Projections The Case of Parasrampuria Synthetics Ltd.
6. The Wrong Sum is Right for Some The case of Modern Threads (India) Ltd.
7. Two into Two Equals Eight The Case of Sri Vishnupriya Industries Ltd.
8. Who Counts the Cost The Case of Rajshree Polyfil Ltd., Floatglass India Ltd. And ATV Petrochem Ltd.
9. The Public Limited Company Vanishes into thye Blue The Case of Vanishing Companies.
10. Epilogue